Compassionate Divorce Mediation for Rochester and Western NY

At Tracy Riley Counseling, we’re known for our vast expertise and compassion when working with couples going through a divorce.

With mediation, you and your partner can avoid the stress and financial strain of going to court by resolving marriage issues in a more welcoming and amicable setting.

Provides a Faster, More Amicable Resolve to Many Marital Disputes

The process of getting divorced is rarely easy or stress-free, and many couples have found that mediation is a faster and far more civil way to expedite the resolution of common disputes. As one of the most trusted divorce counselors in Rochester NY, Dr. Tracy Riley works closely with both parties to come to agreements that save time, stress and financial resources.

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Eliminate the Uncertainty and Emotional Strain of Settling in Court

Leaving the fate of your divorce in the hands of a judge can be incredibly time-consuming, costly, and unpredictable. Moreover, it almost always results in one side winning, with the other side losing. Our divorce mediation services allow both parties to talk, compromise and come to an agreement that’s mutually beneficial to all members of the family.

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An Affordable and Confidential Way to Quickly Resolve Many Issues

Let’s face it, getting divorced is anything but economical. Aside from the legal fees and filing costs, many couples find themselves having to take time from work to accommodate deadlines and the schedules of others involved. Divorce mediation allows you and your spouse to meet with a licensed counselor on your schedule, to discuss all key issues without the need for expensive attorney fees and court costs. It’s effective, peaceful and more affordable.

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Divorce mediation is an affordable and expedited way to resolve many common disputes associated with the process of ending a marriage, including:

Child support and alimony
Custody and visitation schedules
Distribution of wealth and assets
Property disputes
Family mediation counseling
Financial considerations

Call the Rochester NY Divorce Mediation Experts

Aside from expediting the divorce process and keeping legal fees at a minimum, many couples report that mediation helps them avoid future conflicts that often get lost in the haste and complexity of handling everything in court. Regardless of where you are in the divorce process, we encourage you to learn why more and more couples are choosing mediation to resolve their most pressing disputes. Tracy Riley Counseling brings years of experience and expertise to all meetings, and we guarantee 100% discretion on all matters.

To learn more about the advantages of divorce mediation services from Tracy Riley Counseling in Rochester, or to schedule your first consultation, get in touch today via phone or email and we’ll be happy to get you started.

We can be reached at 585-286-1267 or by email through our secured and confidential contact page.